It started in 2015, when we began with a 2 barrel brewing system. We opened the taproom up in May of 2017, but quicky out grew our taproom cunsumption and needed to expand. So in May of 2018, we closed down and grew to a 15 barrel brewing system. We re-opened in July of 2018 and have been actively working on perfecting our signature recipes and creating a bond with our awesome community ever since.


Though Hix is owned by JB and Malcom, along with their mothers, JB is currently the majority owner of the business. That makes Hix a female owned business and brewery! JB’s grandfather’s last name was Hix and he’s the inspiration behind the name and logo. Her mother currently owns the Farm, but JB will be the next owner. Keeping the farm running was a priority for her, because it has been in her family for so many generations. The brewery opening up provided JB with a way to keep the farm up and running.





Malcom has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Colorado University. His areas of expertise are brewing, finances, and fixing things. He currently works as a systems engineer for Tyvak and he serves as our head brewer. Malcom is currently flying to Tennessee once a month to make beer (and fix things, of course). If you ever find yourself wanting to grab him a beer, he’s a sucker for Stouts, IPA Beers, Sours, and just aboout anything exotic.




JB is also an Aerospace Engineer with a degree from Colorado University, serving in Business Developement for Lockhead Martin. JB is the organization to Malcom’s chaos. Her areas of expertise are the taproom operations, social media, and interpersonal things. If you catch her with a beer in her hand, it’s probably a Berliner Weisse, Tripal, or a Hefeweizen.

JB and Malcom live in Colorado. They’re quite the adventurous pair. They enjoy skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, taveling, and 4-wheeling. Because of the distance, they extend a lot of the brewery work to the team here at Hix. They encourage the employees to take ownership of the business and because of that we have a great balance of their Colorado brewery expertise and the warmth and magic of our Cookeville team.